West Coast : Extension of the longshore contract

WEST COAST : Extension of the longshore contract

Good news as the Pacific Maritime Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union have just extended the expiration of the current longshore contract by three years, so it now expires in July 1, 2022.

It covers 29 ports of the West Coast.

Regarding the East Coast & Gulf, the contract with the International Longshoremen’s association (ILA) expires on September 2018 and talks have begun to extend that date as well. Time will tell.

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Beyond the situation we have been facing for months because of the Stevedores & Dockers discussions, Barcelona port has been indirectly impacted by the recent PETYA CYBER-ATTACK.

Maersk being hacked, it impacts APM terminal in Barcelona as it belongs to Maersk. For security reasons and solving the matter, MAERSK IT system has been down, same for APM which makes part of the Barcelona port closed till further notice.

Container truckers are not entering in port, some piers are closed and other piers are overbooked. Valencia is not better, it works with long waiting time for truckers, containers finally get in.

The situation is really critical and strikes are still maintained for the next week too.

We are doing our best to find solutions and minimize the possible inconvenience which may occur.



The situation of the Spanish ports doesn’t improve as there is still no agreement between the Spanish dockworkers and their employer’s association. The stevedoring unions have added some days of strikes for the following weeks.

Initial strikes planned for odd-hour days on 6/19, 6/21 & 6/23.

New strike notice for odd-hour days as follows:

  • From 8am on 6/26 to 8am on 6/28
  • From 8am on 6/29 to 8am on 7/01
  • From 8am on 7/03 to 8am on 7/05
  • From 8am on 7/06 to 8am on 7/08

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