The situation of the Spanish ports doesn’t improve as there is still no agreement between the Spanish dockworkers and their employer’s association. The stevedoring unions have added some days of strikes for the following weeks.

Initial strikes planned for odd-hour days on 6/19, 6/21 & 6/23.

New strike notice for odd-hour days as follows:

  • From 8am on 6/26 to 8am on 6/28
  • From 8am on 6/29 to 8am on 7/01
  • From 8am on 7/03 to 8am on 7/05
  • From 8am on 7/06 to 8am on 7/08

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SPAIN, the negotiations take over the strikes, however some delays & congestions can still be faced

SPAIN, the negotiations take over the strikes, however some delays & congestions can still be faced

On Thursday March 16, the Spanish Parliament rejected the controversial Real Decreto-Ley presented early this year by the government to liberalize port labor.

This has followed the European Commission’s procedure and the European Court of Justice’s judgement which ruled that the current system is in breach of the freedom of establishment from the European Union’s Treaty.

Last week vote is a victory for the Spanish unions, however it’s not the end of the situation as an agreement must be found. The negotiations must be promptly effective otherwise Spain will face fines of millions and any additional day would cost thousands euros to the Spanish government.

The Spanish social partners have requested to engage in tripartite negotiations. However, the government has not yet responded which makes unclear what strategy the government will pursue.

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The forthcoming changes in the shipping industry are affecting exporters, importers and freight forwarders.

Shipping lines must work together, through alliances, to provide the necessary vessels for all services to each port of call in America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

To prevent more financial losses or bankruptcy like HANJIN last year, most ocean carriers are ending their current Alliances (service agreements) by March 31rst. The new ones will be effective as of April 1rsrt.

From the current 4 alliances, only 3 will remain as of April 1st 2017. The number of major carriers has been reduced by almost 50% between 2015 and 2018.

The forthcoming changes entail severe service disruption as the ocean carriers need to realign both their equipment and fleet around the world.

This change will have ramifications such as severe delays and temporary shortage in containers.

The on-going Spanish port strikes make the matter even more difficult.

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During this troubled season, please be assured that we’ll do our very best to bring you the best solutions as timely possible.

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