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May 2018 : National holidays and its transportation challenge

May 2018 : National holidays and its transportation challenge

Let’s remember the month of May is very challenging with the various National holidays particularly in France and Germany.

The holidays falling during the week reduce dramatically the pace & movement of the trucks and containers.

National holidays

The International Organization of Vine & Wine’s global report

The International Organization of Vine & Wine’s global report

The global area under vines and total wine consumption are stable while the world wine production is historically low with disparities.

In 2017, the international trade increased over 3% with stronger growth in sparkling wines +11% in volume.

USA confirmed its leading consumer position with 13% of the world consumption, top 1 importer in value and top 3 in volume after Germany and UK.

Despite fairly strong growth from France and Italy, Spain remained the biggest volume exporter with a 20% market share. Chile and New Zealand recorded relatively significant increases.

The estimates of the 2018 harvest in the southern hemisphere display stable volume with contrasts between the increasing countries like Argentina, Chile and New Zealand and those decreasing like Australia and South Africa.

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U.S. trucking situation

U.S. trucking situation

Following our previous publication on February 1st, 2018, the U.S. trucking situation is not improving and huge delays continue.
More ocean carriers are contemplating the option of stopping their door deliveries. This severely impacts deliveries to the Mid-West, Texas or the West Coast. Some ocean carriers offer services to Rail/Ramp only (e.g. Chicago, IL or Columbus, OH) where it can take 7 to 10 days if no longer to retrieve containers.
Any demurrage, detention or storage fees that may occur are the responsibility of the client.

Please contact TRANSO USA for any additional information.